Saturday, February 2, 2008

the audacity of silliness

i was kinda loopy at the end of the below-mentioned ballot measure discussion, and i drew this picture of my goddad's cat on his hand. the kitty is named brahma. i've given him many nicknames; among them is 'barack o-brahma.' in the drawing, brahma is saying, 'i have the audacity of cuteness!'. i labeled the portrait 'barack o-brahma,' and my goddad went home with a lot of ink on his hand.

two frantic, caffeinated drawings

i drew these in my sketchbook this afternoon, to keep myself grounded as my mom and my godfather and i sat at my mom's kitchen table, discussing the ballot measures at length. as obsessed with politics as i am, they also drive me nuts, and i'd had too much tea to drink, so i was spazzing out a little. the sketching helped keep me sane.
[the captions read: 1) Bananas and a kiwi in a bowl on my mother's kitchen table, 2) Bear eats --a-- CRACKER. (my nickname for my mother, for some reason, is Bear. text by an arrow describes the thing the arrow is pointing to, such as 'cracker' or 'my absentee ballot envelope'.)]

Thursday, January 24, 2008

shepherds rock

here are 2 versions of a digital german shepherd i've drawn. the first is a photoshop jpeg, the second an illustrator live trace of the jpeg. still needs work. but which do you like best so far?

(p.s. a shout-out to Carlos the Awesomest Dog, by whom this drawing was inspired.)

bizarro cat illustration

here's a strange cat i'm drawing. it doesn't have its shading and highlights yet, but you can see the direction i'm going. i don't know where this little guy came from, but i think we can all agree that it's a pretty strange world there inside my subconscious.

the kitty needs a name. ideas?


wierd! i went to upload these two versions of an illustration of a balance ball i've been working on, and they came out blue, though the originals are red! the colors aren't simply reversed, because the highlights still came out white, but the red came out blue and the pink, purple. wtf? fyi, the original was created in adobe illustrator, and the file i uploaded is a jpeg. cool. wierd, though.

Monday, January 21, 2008

the 'lehrve' of a good cat

skye emailed me these pics of Poppy the Best Cat Ever playing with the stuffed mouse i forgot at his house. i changed his captions slightly and made the pics into this comic strip.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

why does my cat sit like this??

reese often sits with one back leg stuck out to the side and the other tucked under, as illustrated in my drawing. anyone have any insight into this? she's kind of, uh, pleasantly plump, so maybe she's just trying to keep herself from toppling over? it's pretty cute, but then again, i think everything reese does is cute.