Saturday, February 2, 2008

the audacity of silliness

i was kinda loopy at the end of the below-mentioned ballot measure discussion, and i drew this picture of my goddad's cat on his hand. the kitty is named brahma. i've given him many nicknames; among them is 'barack o-brahma.' in the drawing, brahma is saying, 'i have the audacity of cuteness!'. i labeled the portrait 'barack o-brahma,' and my goddad went home with a lot of ink on his hand.

two frantic, caffeinated drawings

i drew these in my sketchbook this afternoon, to keep myself grounded as my mom and my godfather and i sat at my mom's kitchen table, discussing the ballot measures at length. as obsessed with politics as i am, they also drive me nuts, and i'd had too much tea to drink, so i was spazzing out a little. the sketching helped keep me sane.
[the captions read: 1) Bananas and a kiwi in a bowl on my mother's kitchen table, 2) Bear eats --a-- CRACKER. (my nickname for my mother, for some reason, is Bear. text by an arrow describes the thing the arrow is pointing to, such as 'cracker' or 'my absentee ballot envelope'.)]